Give Yourself A Sleep Checkup

No other piece of furniture in your home gets as much use as your sleep set or is as crucial to your health. That is why it is important to find the right mattress for you. By understanding your needs and the essential role that your sleep set plays in your life, you will realize the importance of a restful night's sleep. Before you start shopping, prepare by learning the basics.

Are You Accumulating A Sleep Debt?

Rate your chances of dozing off in the following situations using the rating scale below:

3 - high change of dozing off

2 - moderate chance

1 - slight chance

0 - none or stay wide awake

  • Sitting or reading
  • Watching television
  • Sitting in a public place(like a theater)
  • Lying down for an afternoon rest
  • Sitting or talking with someone
  • Sitting down after a lunch without alcohol
  • Being driven in a car for more than one hour
  • Sitting in a car stopped in traffic

If your total score is 0-5, you're probably getting enough rest. If your score is 6-12, you probably have a case of mild sleep deprivation. If you score 13 or higher, you have chronic sleep deprivation.